Friday 22 February 2013

Code: PS1103N

The Bulldog is a small, stout and compact dog, with a large, broad head. The coat is short, smooth and tight-fitting, and comes in a variety of colors including: red, yellow, brindle, fawn, white and combinations of these shades. The nose of the Bulldog is black, wide and with large nostrils, and its muzzle is short and snout-like. The skin on the head and face of the Bulldog is deeply folded, and this breed has dark, round eyes set wide apart. The ears are small and set slightly back, and the Bulldog has a short, low-set tail. This breed is by no means considered the best looking in the world, but has a certain charm and character. Very gentle, loyal and affectionate breed, with a love of company and a craving for attention. This small dog has bags of courage is know to make an excellent guard dog. The Bulldog is good with children and other animals, although dominant individuals may not take kindly to strange dogs approaching. Strong, reliable, loving, loyal and brave are just a few words that describe this breed.